ADF Careers information and recruitment preparation
ADF Careers information and recruitment preparation

Defence Force Careers explored

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Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey in the Navy, Army or Airforce? Look no further, because today is the day your preparation for an exceptional Australian Defence Force career begins with Hoplite. 

With our comprehensive training programs and unparalleled support, we are here to equip you with the knowledge, preparation and mindset needed to excel in the Defence Force.

Defence Force Careers Army Navy Airforce

How to prepare for your ADF Careers Pilot recruitment process

Embarking on a journey to become a pilot in the Australian Defence Force is no easy feat. It demands unwavering dedication, unwavering commitment, and the ability to meet specific eligibility criteria. The entire ADF recruitment process involves a multitude of distinctive assessments aimed at determining a candidates aptitude for pilot… 

Defence Force Careers Army Navy Airforce

How to choose an ADF Career in 4 steps

With such a wide range of opportunities available in the Australian Defence Force (ADF), it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect career path. The ADF consists of three Services (Army, Navy and Airforce), each offering 500 job roles in total, making the decision even more challenging. However, fear not, Hoplite has the steps you can take to navigate through this maze of possibilities… 

Defence Force Careers Army Navy Airforce

Hoplite Founder Sam's Defence Recruitment journey

From a young age I was always drawn to the armed force – to have a career that was physically and mentally challenging is my dream. As a first-generation Australian migrant, my family did not have access to serving family members or friends… 

Prepare for ADF Careers Assessment Day

How To Prepare For Your ADF Careers Assessment Day

Preparing for your ADF Careers Assessment Day is crucial for success in your interview and job application process. Learn how to effectively prepare and confidently present yourself for the Navy, Army, or Air Force positions…

ADF Careers information and recruitment preparation

Practice For The ADF Careers Aptitude Assessment​

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) provides an extensive range of options, with over 500 different roles available combined across the Services. From combat positions to technical roles, there are countless opportunities waiting to be explored…

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Royal Australian Navy

In the Navy, you can become part of a close-knit community that operates cutting-edge warships and submarines. You will have the chance to travel the world, protect our maritime borders, and engage in important humanitarian missions. From navigating the seas to operating sophisticated weaponry, a career in the Navy offers a sense of adventure and the opportunity to make a meaningful impact.

Royal Australian Army

For those who are passionate about ground operations, the Army provides a wide array of career paths. From infantry to engineering, intelligence to logistics, the Army offers diverse opportunities for personal and professional growth. You could find yourself leading a platoon in combat, providing crucial medical support, or even specialising in cyber warfare. The Army equips you with the skills and training needed to excel in any situation and become a true leader.

Royal Australian Airforce

A career in the Australian Airforce offers numerous opportunities. You can become a pilot and soar through the skies or choose to specialise in aircraft maintenance and become an integral part of the team.  There are opportunities to work in intelligence and surveillance, where you can contribute to national security by gathering crucial information and providing strategic insights. Whether you dream of flying, maintaining aircraft, or analysing data, a career in the Australian Airforce offers a fulfilling and diverse range of paths to pursue.

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ADF Careers information and recruitment preparation

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